Historic PT Boats For Sale

Fleet Obsolete, based in the historic Cornell Steamboat Company building in Kingston New York, has the largest existing collection of historic PT boats. Fleet Obsolete is looking to reduce the size of its fleet and will consider serious inquiries from qualified buyers.



PT-48 is a 77’ Elco. Recently rescued from a Florida trailer camp, this vessel saw heavy action in the Pacific theater.  It is credited with sinking an enemy destroyer, an enemy cruiser, and several motorized barges.  It is the sole known surviving 77’ Elco.  It needs a total restoration.

PT-48 History and Historical Photos



PT-459 is an 80’ Higgins with documented D-Day combat history off Cherbourg. It needs major restoration.

PT-459 History and Historical Photos



PT-615 is an 80’ Elco.  Hull restored.  Last known operationally sound 80’ Elco.

PT-615 History



PT-486 is an 80′ Elco which was placed in service 2 December 1943 and assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron FOUR (PTRon 4) under the command of Lt. Comdr. Francis D. Tappaan, USNR

PT-486 History and Historical Photos