Tugboat Preservation Project

A NY State Chartered Not for Profit
Tugboat Preservation Project will restore and/or own several historic vessels of the 19th and early 20th centuries including Historic WWII PT Boats and Tugboats.  The goal of this organization is to restore these historic vessels to educate the public about their importance to New York State, the Hudson River Valley and industry in general on the East Coast of the United States.

The restoration process itself which will take place along the Historic Kingston waterfront in New York will also be educational, teaching people the commercial skills required for such work.

The vessels will both be on display along the historic waterfront of Kingston, NY, and will offer the public educational trips and tours to the public.  The vessels may also be used to assist other not-for-profit organizations in their work.  Other not for profit organizations including our neighbor, the Hudson River Maritime Museum, are prepared to contribute expertise and material as the need arises and as programs evolve.  In addition, for profit organizations such as Historic Kingston Waterfront Revival LLC and Historic Kingston Waterfront Development LLC are prepared to contribute various assets to further the goals of Tugboat Preservation Project.


The office for the Tugboat Preservation Project is located in the Historic Cornell Building located at 108-110 E Strand, Kingston NY.